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  • We even tell you about those hard-to-find sample sales

The Team

In late 2013, after missing a semi-annual sample sale at his favorite store, Cory realized just how cumbersome skimming through old tweets & emails for retail deals was. Even worse, a lot of smaller clothing stores simply tape a "20% off" sign to their window and hope for the best. He realized it was a painfully fragmented process while Bill noticed how location & contextual data could help solve this. So they dug deeper, analyzed what's been done already, built a beta, and eventually shipped ShopDrop.

Cory & Bill compliment each other in every sense of the word. Cory is an experienced product manager with an eye for design while Bill has 15+ years developing enterprise & consumer software. Months prior to building ShopDrop, the two met due to their common interest in building location-based applications. They would chat for hours about tech trends and possible things they could build, while updating each other on their own personal projects at the time.

Cory Bishop


Bill DeMuro


What are people saying?

I'm dangerously addicted to this app! I use it to check out online sales from my favorite stores on a daily basis. Great for every fashionista on a budget!

Alisha U. Topeka, Kansas

Shopdrop seamlessly connects the consumer to the market with a user-friendly design and easy to understand interface. I downloaded it today and within seconds was connected via the app to four of my favorite retailers who, unbeknownst to me, were running MAJOR limited-time offers and discounts.

Damon Q. Boston, MA

Awesome interface and usability along with a great selection of boutique shops and chains to choose from.

Will B. San Francisco, CA

Love the app - especially the sample sales :)

Bianca A. NY, NY

This thing makes it so easy to locate where and when sales are happening. Saving some cash is always a huge plus!

Glenn O. South Plainfield, NJ

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